The Idea

Keeping things safe with style.

Lumbar pack - Worn around the waist (NO its not a fanny pack) locks in the front and storage sits snug at your lower back. Out of your way, all day.

Versatile uses - We really had everyone in mind when designing the VOLTICslim. Taking a hike or a bike ride? How about taking the jet ski for a spin? It will serve its purpose for outdoor enthusiasts, travelers, commuters and even in the work place.

Anti-theft - Don’t you worry, we thought it through. Impossible to open, the cover zips securely and can only be unzipped from the side which faces the user. Don’t want to zip it closed? Use the red bungees to secure the cover and allow for quicker access.

Durability - Strong support with a soft finish. It will not crack or snap and will provide some give if you lean back on it. Yes, of course it’s water resistant. The zippers are covered with silicone based tape, so make sure to zip up in the rain.