Voltic Slim waist pack in Nardo Gray - Asian Geek Squad

Aloha everyone! This is Max with Asian Geek Squad and today we're doing a quick review of the VOLTICslim.

If you're looking for something protective and you're on the go, and you want something quick, light, and versatile, definitely check this out!

The VOLTICslim comes in two colors, the Nardo Grey and Jade Black.

On the outer part you have the VOLTICslim logo, there's an extra layer on top of the zipper to make this extra water resistant.

It's a little hard to open at first so that will take some practice. It's a little bit hard to open but hopefully that gets easier with more use.

You have a little pocket on the inside for things that are slim, maybe a couple of keys. In the main compartment, you have your 3 card slots here. It's big enough for a phone or a wallet and additional items, such as your Galaxy buds. There's also a divider if you wanna put something slim as well to divide from the main compartment.

For me the zipper just takes a little bit more effort than I would like, especially around the corners.

You can even secure the pack a little bit more by using the 2 red bungees or hook.

It has cushion on the back so you can literally wear this any way you want. You can wear as a fanny pack (but not recommended), over the shoulder (like a messenger bag), or however you want to wear it.

The two things that I really like about this device is this crazy strap, this is thick, this is not going anywhere, this is sewn on very well and it's also adjustable via velcro.

I would definitely recommend this if you're on the go and you just need to just pack a couple of things.

My only concern like I said earlier is the zipper, especially around the corners, I wish it was just a little bit easier. But overall, I really like it!