Ghostek Voltic Slim Waste Pack : Don't call it a Fanny Pack!

Today we're taking a look at the VOLTICslim from Ghostek which they sent me for review.

I'm actually glad that they did because winter is rolling around and here in the northeast we get a lot of snow and rain like today, it's been pouring all day and sometimes you just wanna carry a bag but you don't have enough for to fill an entire backpack, you might just have a phone, you might just have a wallet and you want something that's  slim that you can just throw over your shoulder or if you wanna put it on your waist, you can do so.

The VOLTICslim is also great if you wanna go to the gym and just carry your keys with you, this is a perfect solution. It's a great solution if you're rafting because it is water-resistant and that's what I really like about it.

I do like the styling of the pack. I think they designed a very nice bag but there's a couple features that I like. Ghostek is based right here in New York City, right out of Brooklyn, so you know security is on their when they decided to design the pack.

What I like about this bag is security. It's number one at least here in New York City these days, people try and do some shady things but the VOLTICslim has you covered! When you have it on your waist or around your shoulder, there's no way that someone would be able to access it because it doesn't zipper open from the front, it actually zippers open from the back, and you have the red bungees for extra protection. No one is going to be able to somehow unzip it and still get access to your bag. I live in New York City, I'm all about security, that's number one on my mind at all times, but once you do open it from the back, you'll have full access to everything that's inside. If you're biking or you're doing any sort of outdoors activity, the bag's not gonna open on its own, now I know that's a stretch but it's something you guys want to think about. Everything that's in your bag is going to remain in the VOLTICslim.
When you open the pack, you'll see the zippered compartment right on top of the pack which is perfect if you have any SD cards, pen, or anything that you want to put in to make sure that when you open it up, it doesn't fall out. The pack also has a clip that you can attach your keys which makes it a perfect gym bag.

Card slots are also available for you to put a couple of credit cards or IDs. Again, this is a great solution for those water sports if you're rafting, snowboarding, or skiing, you can throw all necessary gadgets and whatnot into the pack.

The VOLTICslim can also be used as one entire compartment or you have a little separator so it will securely hold anything that you put in it such as your phone. You can put your keys with your phone in the pack and not worry about your camera or screen getting scratched. It's gonna be on its own and it's not going to jiggle around with anything else that you've put in.

There's enough space as well to throw in a second phone if you wanna do so which makes it a really perfect travel companion.

If you go through security a lot and you just want to ensure that you have can be placed on one tray and you don't want to take everything out. Put your money, put your cell phones, put your credit cards, put everything you always carry in. Go ahead and securely close the pack and get assurance about your stuff's safety.

Overall, I really like it especially the styling, it's not about the security, you can proudly wear it because of it's well-thought design.